Josh Coulter has been performing professionally in the Niagara Region for 15 years alongside many great musical acts, as well as a solo artist.  He has been part of many tribute acts playing the part of Alex Lifeson in "2112 A Tribute To Rush", Ritchie Blackmore in "Deepest Purple", Tony Iommi in "Dio Tribute", and David Gilmour in "Pink Floyd Tribute".  He has been teaching music for 10 years professionally, and he is constantly looking for new musical adventures to help further his knowledge, experience, and excitement of his instruments.

STEVE BRISBOIS - Guitars, Vocals, Harp

Steve Brisbois has had music in his bones before he could hold a guitar.  Spending a lot of time in his early years on the road, he's absorbed many kinds of musical influences from Bluegrass to Metal, and everything in between.  As founding member of the Band "Two Knives", he performed original material for years gaining much success throughout Southern Ontario.  Today, and the better part of the last decade, he brings his musical versatility to the forefront with Off The Record with Acoustic and Electric guitars, Harp, and being the brains behind the sound of Off The Record.


Grant Feifeld is not only one of the top bass players in the Niagara Region, but he also designs and builds some of the most unique bass and guitar instruments you can find.  At , you can find galleries of his work, from custom builds to the instruments he plays on stage.  Grants wide musical background helps bring a unique flavor to Off The Record.  "Jude The Obscure" was his most ambitious group effort, with the best fans any group could ask for; now he spends his playing time with Off The Record throughout the Niagara Region and Hamilton Area.


Pat Kelly has been performing drum solos since grade school.  Picking up the instrument at a very young age, he honed his craft quickly.  Fresh out of high school he was founder of "Echoes" alongside Off The Record bandmates Josh Coulter and Dave Phillips-Jones, who still bring their Classic Rock roots to the stage over a decade later.  Pat was also part of the original groups "Stone River", and more notably "The Rising Tide" who were both entirely original entities performing their own classic rock inspired tunes.

JOSH COULTER - Guitar, Vocals